CRA laboratory designated as EU testing institution

2023 August 3 d.

After a six-month selection process, the European Commission has appointed the Communications Regulatory Authority’s (CRA) Kaunas laboratory as the first and only test facility in the European Union with the competence and the right to carry out market surveillance tests in the radio equipment sector for all EU Member States.

The European Commission does not plan to designate any more testing bodies in the field of radio equipment.

“We were up against very strong competitors in this selection. We are delighted with this achievement, as it demonstrates not only the level of our laboratory, but also the extremely high level of competence and professionalism of our employees,” says Jūratė Šovienė, Chairwoman of the CRA Council.

Kaunas Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory carries out inspections of various radio communication devices, such as wireless communication equipment, bank card readers and electric cars. Equipment must comply with the requirements set for it, and inspections are carried out to ensure that there are no low-quality equipment on the market that poses a risk to consumers or their health or property.

Expanding the scope of activities

These market surveillance tests are usually carried out on a planned basis in each EU country, as well as through annual joint market surveillance campaigns in EU countries. The results of these campaigns are important for the development of market surveillance policies for the product sector concerned.

“This year, we are participating in the 15th EU Market Surveillance Campaign MSC-EMC-15. It checks household electrical appliances used in kitchens. As of 24 April, when we officially become a designated testing body, we will have to test products taken on the markets of other EU countries during these campaigns,” explains Arvydas Giedraitis, Head of the CRA’s Electromagnetic Compatibility Division. – We will also provide advice and training to experts from other countries. The aim is to centralise and strengthen market surveillance in the EU.”

The scope of accreditation of the laboratory of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Division accredited by the CRA is the widest among all Lithuanian accredited testing bodies. It consists of over 150 European harmonised and international standards.

The CRA laboratory is currently expanding its activities, with the construction of a new laboratory building expected to be completed in 2023 and a new state-of-the-art anechoic chamber in 2024.

“When testing in the new laboratory, no electromagnetic fields will be able to penetrate beyond the chamber and thus the walls of the building. In addition, the new anechoic chamber will be able to carry out electromagnetic compatibility tests on all types of radio equipment on the market, even large electrical, electronic, medical devices, cars and electric vehicles. This will help to protect the population from harmful interference from products on the market that are hazardous to health”, emphasises A. Giedraitis, Head of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Division of the CRA.

Updated on 2023-08-03