Telephone numbers

Telephone numbers are a resource of the state, which is used for provision of public electronic communications services. Telephone numbers, used in public electronic communications networks are managed according to the National telephone numbering plan, approved by RRT. RRT also approves The Rules for the Allocation and Use of Telephone Numbers and ensures efficient use of electronic communications resources. RRT strives for a sufficient amount of national telephone numbers, necessary for public electronic communication services and for application of the numbering plan and procedures in the way ensuring equal possibilities for all the providers of public electronic communications services. RRT especially strives for ensuring that the undertakings, to which national telephone number resources are allocated do not discriminate other providers of electronic communications services to the extent it is related with numbering sequences, used for provision of their services.

The National telephone numbering plan regulates the purpose and structure of the telephone numbers, used in public electronic communications networks. The short telephone numbers (1XXX), fixed telephone communication service numbers (3XXXXXXX, 4XXXXXXX, 5XXXXXXX), mobile telephone communication service numbers (6XX XXXXX) and service numbers (7XXXXXXX, 8XXXXXXX, 9XXXXXXX) are clearly separated in the plan. The numbering plan itself complies with the main requirements of sufficiency of numbering, ensuring of non-discrimination, acceptability for the consumer and harmonization, raised in the European Union.

elephone numbers are assigned during the time period of 21 calendar days, upon submission of a written or electronic application via the electronic documents’ system of RRT. Telephone numbers can be assigned to the directly requesting person or by the way of auction. RRT, upon receiving an application for acquisition of the right to use numbers of exceptional economic value makes a corresponding announcement on its Website, inviting other persons, wishing to acquire the right to use such numbers, to present their applications to receive the numbers during the time period of 7 days. In case several persons submit applications to acquire the right to use the same numbers or the amount of the numbers is insufficient for all the applicants, the numbers are allocated by the way of auction.

Application form-for allocation of numbers
Application form-transfer of the right to use the numbers
Application form-to take over the right to use numbers

The assigned numbers are announced at

The tariffs for maintenance of the allocated telephone number:

  • Short four-digit telephone number 52,42 Eur/mth.
  • Short five-digit telephone number 5,24 Eur/mth.
  • Public fixed telephone communication service number 0,006 Eur/mth.
  • Public mobile telephone communication service number 0,006 Eur/mth.
  • Service number from the 7XXXXXXX series 0,006 Eur/mth.
  • Service number from the 8XXXXXXX or 9XXXXXX series 0,52 Eur/mth.
Number portability

The number portability service gives the users freedom and possibilities to choose the services, provided by the operator best satisfying their needs and at the same time to retain the existing telephone number. With the existence of the number portability service the competition between the operators, providing the service increases, since it is important for them to not only attract the largest number of subscribers possible to their network, but also to retain the existing ones.

Number portability is the right of the subscriber to retain the subscriber number, used for receipt of telecommunication services when changing the provider of public telephone communication services or the place or way of provision of services.

Starting from 1 March 2004 the number portability service, foreseen in Article 30 of Directive 2002/22/EC (Universal Service Directive) of the European Parliament and of the Council was implemented in Lithuania.

The terms and conditions of ensuring the subscriber’s right to retain the subscriber number or the place and method of the provision of the services ( Order No. 1V-460 of the Director of the Communications Regulatory Authority of 29 April 2011)

The number portability central database administrator is at .

Updated on 2020-04-08