Tests/measurements order

Customers who want to order the effective use of radio spectrum or electromagnetic compatibility tests shall submit a free-form application addressed to Chair of the Communications Regulatory Authority Council. The application must contain the following information:

  • name of equipment under test (EUT) corresponding to its purpose;
  • type/model or other reference for identification of EUT;
  • the standards according to which the tests are to be performed (usually the standards of electromagnetic compatibility or radio equipment which were used when device was designed);
  • the tests which must be performed in accordance with the specified standards;
  • company details necessary for the preparation of the contract (name, company code, VAT payment code, address). The company’s letterhead can be used.

So that CRA specialists can properly evaluate and measure radio spectrum or perform electromagnetic compatibility tests of EUT you manufacture or import, please attach to the application a detailed technical description of the EUT with its characteristics, functions, etc. Later, if we need more information about EUT, we will ask you to fill out the relevant questionnaire.

When ordering electromagnetic immunity tests, in addition, a description of the functions and performance criteria of EUT shall be provided (e.g. in the test plan) describing how to assess normal operation o EUT (essential functioning) and how to determine EUT failure and operation degradation or what parameters deviations are considered unacceptable.

E-signatured request or a copy of the handwritten request and the attached information please send by general e-mail of the Communications Regulatory Authority [email protected].

Also, when sending an application, or in the application itself, indicate who will sign the contract (position, name, surname). If the contract will be signed by a non-head of the company, then we will ask you to provide the authority of the head of the company to the specified person to sign the contracts. Contracts are signed with a qualified electronic signature.

Tests are performed after signing the contract, making a payment and delivering the EUT.

Contacts for testing

Deliver the EUT to the address below:

Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania
Spectrum and Equipment Suveilance Deparment
Electromagnetic Compatibility Division
Zarasu Str. 38
LT-44140 Kaunas

Updated on 2023-04-13