Compliance of apparatus

In order to enable economic operators to demonstrate and the competent authorities to ensure that apparatus made available on the market conform to the essential requirements. Compliance of apparatus with the essential requirements shall be demonstrated by means of either of the following conformity assessment procedure:

  • internal production control (Module A), or
  • EU type examination that is followed by conformity to type based on internal production control (B and C module).

Where compliance of apparatus with the applicable requirements has been demonstrated by that procedure, manufacturers shall affix the CE marking and draw up an EU declaration of conformity and keep it together with the technical documentation at the disposal of the national authorities for 10 years after the apparatus has been placed on the market.

Summary list of titles and references of harmonised standards under Directive 2014/30/EU for EMC published by the Commission in the Official Journal of the EU.

Updated on 2022-05-20