Results of EMC and efficient use of radio spectrum tests

The summary of results of electromagnetic compatibility tests of electrical and electronic apparatus, radio equipment and vehicles performed in accredited Apparatus and Equipment Electromagnetic Compatibility Control Division in 2017.

Assessment of equipment in 2017Samples
Equipment checked to compliance to essential requirements, total:    187
– according to EMC 2004/108/EC and 2014/30/EU Directives harmonised standards     82
– according to R&TTE 1995/5/EC and RED 2014/53/EU harmonised standards     91
– according to MDD (Medical Devices Directive) 93/42/EEC harmonised standards      6
– according to harmonised standards for trains, vehicles and UN Regulation No.10      8
Number of Test Reports issued in 2017:    153
– test reports with negative results (non compliance)      40
– test reports with negative results (non compliance) %      26
Number of tests performed in 2017:     631
– electromagnetic disturbances emission tests     456
– immunity to disturbances tests     175

Updated on 2018-04-23