Open Internet Access

Open Internet Access and Network Neutrality

The EU Open Internet Access Policy ensures the end-user the right to access and distribute information and content on the Internet via their Internet access service regardless of the applications, equipment, or Internet access provider the end-user choses to do so.

RRT is closely monitoring that the provisions of the Open Internet Access Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 are met by Internet access service providers. It is done by conducting market surveys, consulting market players, performing control measurements.

Internet access providers must provide the end-user with detailed and clear information on the following issues:

  • on commercial and technical conditions and parameters of Internet access services (such as price, quantity or speed of data, indicating the impact these agreements may have to internet content, applications and services);
  • about the data transmission rate (Internet access services at the lowest possible, normal, maximum and advertised download and upload speed on fixed network or the maximum download and upload speed of the Internet access services on mobile networks);
  • What traffic management tools are used and the practical impact they can have for the end-user using the Internet access service (quality of service, privacy of the recipients of final services and protection of their personal data).

The principle of network neutrality declares that all Internet users have equal access to data traffic. In accordance with this principle, the following obligations to Internet access providers apply:

  • It is forbidden to block or slow down the end-user’s Internet traffic;
  • It is mandatory for all internet traffic to apply equal conditions regardless of the type or content of the data being transmitted.

The RRT submits annual reports to the European Commission on the implementation of Open Internet Regulation, participates in the activities of BEREC working groups, and shares its experience with the national regulatory authorities of other Member States.

BEREC Guidelines on the Implementation of the Open Internet Regulation

Updated on 2022-05-05