Supervision of charges

The rates of charges for minimum access package for the services provided by the Public Railway Infrastructure Manager are set by Order No 2BE-232 “On Setting the Rates of Charges for Minimum Access Package” of the Transport safety administration of Lithuania of 11 December 2017.

The rates of charges for the minimum access package provided by the Public Railway Infrastructure Manager

Ref. NoRates2020-20212020-2021 Re-calculation of Charges2021-20222022-2023
1.Train traffic charge rate (€/tkm gross)0,00080,00140,00110,0012
2.Passenger transit charge rate (€/tkm gross)0,00450,00470,00560,0044
3.Cargo transit charge rate (€/tkm net)0,00790,00900,00970,009
4.Cargo carriage charge rate:
4.1.charge rate for loaded and empty containers, semi-trailers and other containers of different types (€/tkm net)0,00500,000100
4.2.charge rate for dangerous goods carriage (€/tkm net)0,02120,02320,02190,0209
4.3.charge for low-value good carriage (€/tkm net)0,00460,00150,00350,0034
4.4.charge rate for other good carriage (€/tkm net)0,00790,00370,00690,0067
5.Charge for the using the contact grid (€/tkm net)0,17460,31790,27340,3103
6.Capacity reserving charge rate (€/tkm net)

Updated on 2022-11-18