Content filtering tools

Internet is full of harmful information such as abuse, pornography, racism, drugs, alcohol, etc. In order to protect yourself and your children against undesirable information on Internet, you can install contents filtration software in your computer. Such filters restrict access to visual and audio media, images and photographs, communication applications, websites with undesirable content. Choice of paid filtering software is rather large, but there is also free software.

Persons providing access to the public computer networks (Internet) are obliged to ensure installation and operation of filtering tools approved by RRT against harmful Internet content adversely affecting minors. The Government, based on presentation by RRT, establishes the procedure of usage of obligatory filtering tools at access points to public computer networks (Internet), where minors can be presented (e.g. computer classes in schools, computerized workplaces in libraries, internet cafes, etc.)

How to select the best content filtering tool and how to install it, you will find here.

Updated on 2018-08-29