When travelling across the European Union the mobile services will cost for most of consumers the same as at home

2021 June 14 d.

Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania (RRT) has determined that from 15 June 2021 to 14 June 2022 only one Lithuanian service provider UAB “Teledema” shall apply the highest additional taxes for roaming. The consumers of services provided by all other providers will pay for the communication services the same while travelling in other European Union member states and countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) as they do in their home country – Lithuania.     

“Since 2017, when a common procedure of the payment for roaming services was introduced in the entire European Union, we have finally achieved the goal to ensure that most of the consumers from Lithuania do not experience any change in charges for the communication services while travelling. Calls and data transfers will cost Lithuanians the same what they pay for the respectful services while being at home country”, – stated the Director of RRT Feliksas Dobrovolskis. “Currently, when the travels abroad are recovering, that will enable our consumers not to limit their needs and habits, while using mobile communication services in other countries”, – highlighted F. Dobrovolskis.

Following the provisions of Article 6c of the Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015, RRT gave permission to apply additional charges for roaming services to one service provider only – UAB “Teledema”. This service provider was entitled to apply the roaming taxes only of the amount necessary to compensate the incurred losses, also to ensure that the prices of the local services do not increase.                         

Table. The maximum allowed additional retail roaming charge from 15/06/2021 to 14/06/2022

 The maximum allowed additional retail roaming charge (not including VAT) * from 15/06/2021 to 14/06/2022
UAB “Bitė Lietuva”UAB “Teledema”UAB “Tele2”AB “Telia Lietuva”
Outbound callsnot applicable0.013 EUR/minnot applicablenot applicable
Inbound callsnot applicable0.013 EUR/minnot applicablenot applicable
SMSnot applicablenot applicablenot applicablenot applicable
Data transfernot applicable1.64 EUR/GBnot applicablenot applicable


* These maximum additional tariff rates were approved by RRT, having taken into consideration the service provision conditions indicated in the application of UAB “Teledema”, which were applied for the evaluation of potential losses. In case these conditions change, RRT is entitled to request the service provider to re-evaluate the applicable additional taxes or to terminate the application thereof.

Updated on 2021-06-14